The Food Guys Cooking Show

15th Anniversary

Chef Jim Leverso and his wife Dee as well as his trusty (?) sidekick Mike are back again this year for their 15th cooking show on Saturday, March 4th.  What will they cook up this year?  What will Mike create from his “food erector set”?  Well …….. here’s a preview!!

THE FOOD GUYS: What’s in the Bowl?

We order a bowl of soup, stew or chowder and never give its’ history a moment’s thought.  Did we ever think about the origins of soups and where they originally came from?  Let’s take a culinary trip around the world to learn about several soups, stews and chowders, learn their origins, and how soup can be your blank palate to a world of flavors and textures.  So come join us to have some fun, learn a few things about something as simple as soup, and learn, “What’s in the Bowl”!

Chef Jim showing how it’s done!

Mike’s gondola and bridge!

The audience can’t wait to try the food!

Chef Jim and Assistant/Wife Dee!

The guys hard at work!

Mike gives Chef Jim a gift!

Extra! This is the 15th year of “The Food Guys” cooking show.  To celebrate their anniversary, they have published “The Food Guys” cookbook which includes all of their recipes, cooking tips, and more!  All money made by sale of the cookbook will benefit the Forum scholarship fund.  See Chef Jim or the registration desk for information on getting one of these cookbooks!