The Food Guys Cooking Show

The 2022 In-Person Forum has been cancelled due to Covid concerns

In 2021, due to COVID,  the Forum sponsored a virtual “Four Course Cooking Demonstration” which provided a unique opportunity to learn about cooking various seafood dishes.  Chef Patrick Vigue showed his techniques in preparing a variety of delicious recipes using oysters, mussels, hake, salmon, lobster and clams. A video of the cooking show can be seen here:  Cooking Video Copies of the recipes can be found here: Recipes (Word)  Recipes (PDF) In 2022 Chef Jim Leverso and his wife Dee as well as his trusty (?) sidekick Mike will be back for their 20th cooking show on Saturday, March 5th. What will Mike create from his “food erector set” (even he doesn’t know until he walks into the room)?