The Board of Directors and Staff

These volunteers from 17 marine-related organizations and staff are the folks who strive to make the Forum an awesome and memorable event for you and your families. They always welcome your input to make the Forum even better each year.

Chilloa Young (R)
Forum Coordinator
Loalee Young
Assistant Coordinator
Mike Young
Forum Webmaster
Bert Jongerden
Portland Fish Exchange
Brian Robbins
Commercial Fisheries News
Craig Stewart
Maine Lobstermen's Assn.
Dianne Tilton
Downeast Institute
Gayle B. Zydlewski
Maine Sea Grant
Hank Soule
Sustainable Harvest Sector
Hugh Cowperthwaite
Coastal Enterprises Inc.
Ian Mayo
Maine Fisheries
Jenni Steele (R)
Island Fishermen's Wives Assn.
Maggie Raymond (L)
Associated Fisheries of Maine
Mary Beth Tooley
O'Hara Corp.
Meredith Mendelson (L)
Maine Dept. of Marine Resources
Sebastian Belle
Maine Aquaculture Assoc.
Sheila Dassatt (R)
Downeast Lobstermen's Assn.
Steve Train
F/V Wild Irish Rose
Togue Brawn (R)
Maine Dayboat Scallops