The Food Guys Cooking Show

Chef Jim Leverso and his wife Dee as well as his trusty (?) sidekick Mike will be back for their 19th cooking show on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

At the 2020 Forum Show:

“We Strive for Five (Ingredients)”

Thought you didn’t have time to cook a good, nutritious meal because you don’t have time or the ‘right ingredients?’  Think again.  With just five ingredients, and a few staples from your pantry that you likely already have, you can create a meal that will WOW your family and get you out of the kitchen quicker.  Come see Chef Jim and Mike Young ‘do their thing’ once again.  Come to “The Food Guys” session to be entertained, educated and generally have a few laughs and try some interesting new dishes that are all created with just FIVE ingredients.

What will Mike create from his “food erector set” (even he doesn’t know until he walks into the room)?