2020 Forum Seminar List 1-19-2019 Print Version (PDF)


Thursday, March 5, 2020

8:30 am     Shellfish Focus Day

9:30 am     Wind Energy Development in the Gulf of Maine

1:00 pm     Coast Guard Approved ASHI First Aid and CPR Training

(pre-registration required)

Friday, March 6, 2020

8:00 am     Water Survival Training: Water Safety and Emergency Egress Training (Pool)

9:00 am     Groundfish Monitoring (Amendment 23) UPDATE

9:00 am     Maine Lobstermen’s Assn. 66th Annual Meeting

10:30 am   Overview of Changes in the Federal Atlantic Herring Fishery Management


10:30 am   Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative’s Annual Report

1:00 pm     Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps and Large Trawlers (Emolt): A

Gathering of Participants to Update Them on Protocol and Results

1:00 pm     Update on Federal Scallop Fishery in the GOM: 2020 Outlook & Potential

Management Changes

1:00 pm     Eastern Maine Skippers Students Explores the Marine Industry

2:45 pm     Maine Fishermen: Collecting Fisheries Data Since 1607 (Golf Club)

2:45 pm     Open Forum with NOAA Fisheries Leadership

2:45 pm     But I Need Money Now – Funding Sources to Help Your Business

Saturday, March 7, 2020

8:00 am     Water Survival Training: Water Safety and Emergency Egress Training (Pool)

9:00 am     Maine Lobster Boat Races 2020 Pre-Season Meeting (Golf Club)

9:00 am     Voices from the Maine Fishermen’s Forum – Stories & Exhibit (Fitness Center)

9:00 am     Stayin’ Alive: Lifejackets for Lobstermen, What Works, What Doesn’t

9:00 am     Utilizing Electronic Reporting Programs to Fulfill Reporting Obligations

9:00 am     Reconsideration of Atlantic Cod Stock Structure in US Waters

10:30 am   Alewife Harvesters of Maine Annual Meeting (Golf Club)

10:30 am   The Food Guys: We Strive For Five (Ingredients)

10:30 am   Maine DMR Lobster Science & Collaborations

10:30 am   An Introduction to Management Strategy Evaluation: A Bridge, Not a Trap

1:00 pm     Practical Equipment and Methods for Scallop Farming

1:00 pm     Maine Dept. of Marine Resources Regulatory Update on Right Whales

1:00 pm     Industry and User Driven Updates to the Northeast Ocean Data Portal / Fisheries

Mapping & Data Portals (combined)

2:45 pm     Aquaculture Training Opportunities for Fishermen and Marine Tradespeople

2:45 pm     Less Shrink Means More Profits: Avoiding Stress Points in the Lobster Supply


2:45 pm     Working Waterfronts and the  Commercial Fishing Community