Wind Seminar Panelists List (PDF)

Wind Seminar Panelists ‐ Thursday, March 5th from 9:30 to 4:00




Dick Akers

Maine Marine Composites

Wind turbine construction

Katie Almeida

Town Dock Inc.

Fishing vessel operator’s perspective on wind energy

Michelle Bachman

New England Fishery Management Council

Regional fishery management council’s role in wind energy planning

Melissa Winne

State Of Maine ‐ Governor’s Office

State of Maine renewable energy goals

Beth Casoni

EnBW North America / Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association

Fisheries/wind firm liaison, and industry representative

Jarrett Drake


Fisherman’s perspective on wind energy issues

Jon Hare

Northeast Fisheries Science Center

NOAA Fisheries research branch perspective on wind energy

Annie Hawkins

Responsible Offshore Development Alliance

Organization advocating fishing interests in wind energy planning

Brian Hooker

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Federal government wind energy development & permitting

Peter Hughes

Atlantic Capes Fisheries

Fishing vessel operator’s perspective on wind energy

Nick Livesay

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

State of Maine wind energy permitting

Fred Mattera

Commercial Fishermen’s Research Foundation

Fishing industry organization

Jake Ward

Maine Aqua Ventus

Wind energy development project

Colin Warwick

Fishing Liaison Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables (United Kingdom)

Overseas fishing industry experience with wind energy