Shellfish Focus Day
Voices from the Maine Fishermen’s Forum (parking lot)
Wind Energy Development in the Gulf of Maine
Groundfish Monitoring (Amendment 23) UPDATE
Maine Lobstermen’s Assn. 66h Annual Meeting
Voices from the Maine Fishermen’s Forum (parking lot)
Overview of Changes in the Federal Atlantic Herring Fishery Management Plan
Maine Lobster Marketing Annual Report to the Industry
Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps and Large Trawlers (Emolt): A Gathering of Participants to Update Them on Protocol and Results
Update on Federal Scallop Fishery in the GOM: 2020 Outlook & Potential Management Changes
Eastern Maine Skippers Students Tackle Community Scale Fisheries Issues
Maine Fishermen: Collecting Fisheries Data Since 1607
Open Forum with NOAA Fisheries Leadership
But I Need Money Now - Funding Sources to Help Your Business
Maine Lobster Boat Races 2019 Pre-Season Meeting (Golf Club)
Stayin’ Alive: Lifejackets for Lobstermen, What Works, What Doesn’t
Electronic Landings Reporting Options and How to Navigate Through Methods Available
Reconsideration of Atlantic Cod Stock Structure in US Waters
Alewife Harvesters of Maine Annual Meeting
The Food Guys: We Strive For 5 (Ingredients)
Maine DMR Lobster Science & Collaborations
An Introduction to Management Strategy Evaluation: A Bridge, Not a Trap
Scallop Farming
Maine Dept. of Marine Resources Regulatory Update on Right Whales
Northeast Ocean Data Portal / Fisheries and Mapping & Data Portals (combined)
Aquaculture Training Opportunities for Fishermen and Marine Tradespeople
Less Shrink Means More Profits: Avoiding Stress Points in the Lobster Supply Chain
Working Waterfronts and Commercial Fishing