Virtual Forum Seminars and Events for 2022

Upcoming changes to the Management of the Federal Scallop Fishery
in the Northern Gulf of Maine

The Maine Fishermen’s Forum hosted a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 17, which outlined changes to the scallop fishery of the Northern Gulf of Maine.  Panelists included  Jonathan Peros, scallop lead for NEFMC; Travis Ford, scallop lead for the Greater Atlantic Fisheries Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS/NOAA Fisheries); and Jessica Blaylock, industry-funded scallop observer program lead at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center of NOAA Fisheries.

At the meeting, upcoming changes to the management of the Northern Gulf of Maine Management Area were reviewed.  There was an overview of the 2022 fishery. Information was provided on how the fishery will be monitored and information about new observer requirements for limited access general category vessels participating in the fishery were discussed.

The below link will provide the Power Point discussed during the webinar.

Powerpoint Presentation for Virtual Seminar (Click Here)

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